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ChemBlend strives to be a high quality custom-manufacturer. We combine technological expertise with strong production capabilities to offer our customers a wide range of opportunities to expand and improve their business. We treat all our business partners’ information with the highest level of discretion and respect.

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Dry / Solution Blending & Custom Manufacturing
Various blending kettles with 22,675 gallons of total capacity including stainless steel heated kettles, cold blend mixers, dry powder mixers and 2-stage wax kettles; all with air-operated variable-speed blades and nitrogen blanketing and steam-jacketing options.

Mixing Blending Tank Capacity Size
Steam Heat Jacketed Steam Stainless Steel 1,500 gals.
DI Water Stainless Steel 4,500 gals
Hot Water Jacketed Steam Stainless Steel 4,500 gals.
Soft Water 6 x 1,000 gal. S.S. 6,000 gals. total
Chiller 2 x 1,200 gals. S.S. 2,400 gals. (hot water or cooled)
Lake Michigan Water 500 gal. S.S. 500 gals. (steam heat or cooled)

Poly 1,400 gals.

Poly 500 gals.

Disperser 220 gals. (steam)

Disperser 110 gals.

2 drum Pre-Mix 100 gals. (steam)

20 gal. Pre-Mix 20 gals. (steam)

Misc. 3 drum 495 gals.

Wax Tank 330 gals. (steam)

Total Blending Capacities 22, 675 gallons

Dry Mix Capacities
  • 2 x 5 drum Powder Mixer Jacketed Steam

Additional Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Flammable Room: stainless steel steam-jacketed and polyethylene mixers for mixing combustibles, flammables and acids.
  • Hot-melt box for heating up to 12 drums of low freeze-point materials.
  • Blue-room: UV, temperature and humidity-controlled rooms for manufacturing of specialty coatings.
  • Dispersion Units: 1 x single drum/single-blade unit and 1 x 4 drum/three-blade wall sweep unit.
  • Nitrogen Blanketing

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