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Milling, Grinding & Screening
Grinding, size reduction services and screening for a wide range of dry products are provided through cooperation with our partnering facility Fine Grinding Corporation in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.     
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Fine Grinding Corporation is constantly upgrading our physical plant to accommodate the most demanding particle size reduction jobs. This process is facilitated by utilizing a diversity of state of the science equipment including:
  • Crushers
  • Hammer Mills
  • Air-Swept Mechanical Mills
  • Air Jet Pulverizers
Material may be received in:
  •  Super Sacks
  •  Gaylords
  •  Kraft Bags
  •  Fiber Drums
  •  Cast in Drums
Finished product may range in size from 1" down to submicron powders.

From pre-breaking/shredding to ultra fine grinding with mesh sizes ranging from 0.005mm (collid) to >100mm (coarse) using various types of milling equipment on-site, such as crushers, hammer mills, air-swept mechanical mills and air jet pulverizers. Custom sizes can be met to meet each customers specific needs with finished products range from 1" down to submicron powders.


Fine Grinding Corporation's screening capabilities include a wide range of vibrating screens, air-swept screens, and ultra sonic screens. The nature of each product is carefully considered before determining the screening process that will result in the desired particle size distribution.

The availability of Air Jet Sieves enables us to screen materials that require absolutely 100% minus specified sieve sizes. As with all FGCs processes, our screening area operates under the watchful eyes of our trained Quality Assurance technicians.
FGC works closely with each customer to develop process procedures. We solve problems from initial laboratory assessments through pilot plant study to production, while anticipating future need through investing in the latest technology.

Quotes submitted through ChemBlend for Grinding or Screening services will be handled directly by Fine Grinding Corporation. A FGC representative will contact you with more details.

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